Get Hassle-Free Moving Services in Mt. Pleasant, MI

Sidney Sowle & Son will make your move simple and easy

Moving is often difficult and stressful. For an easier moving process, don't hesitate to reach out to Sidney Sowle & Son, Inc. for assistance. We provide local, intrastate, interstate, as well as international moving services.

We can:

  • Pack your items in boxes
  • Load and unload your boxes and furniture
  • Transport your property in our moving truck
  • Provide only moving labor when you're using your own truck or a rented one
  • Transport your vehicle

We offer free, no-obligation quotes on each of our moving services. For your quote, call our local moving company at: 989-772-2951.

Each member of our team is careful and reliable. When you hire us for moving services, you can trust us to treat your possessions with the utmost care.

Our team members draw upon a knowledge base and company history that dates back to 1907. Over more than 100 years, our local moving company has earned a reputation for our dependable service. We'll do everything we can to move your property safely.

We Provide Local, Intrastate, Interstate, & International Moving Services